I have tried very hard over the last few weeks not to become engaged in the political rants however I’m bloody tired of seeing people’s opinions forced upon me.

Right now I don’t believe we have anyone capable of being the leader this country needs.

We need someone to stand up and say NO! We need someone who is going to say it’s time to sort out our own house before we stick our nose elsewhere. And we nworld-war-i-1407245850-article-0eed someone who is not in it for their own greed, agenda or ego.

When we have no empty boarded up houses and no homeless on our streets, when we have our own industry manufacturing and exporting again, when we have our NHS strong and our economy stable THEN and only then should be be considering how involved we can become with foreign troubles.

I work hard to run my business, pay my bills and ensure that my own house in is order – whilst this may be a simplistic view, this is how I feel we should be looking at the future.

We had an incredible country. We were leaders in innovation, technology and we strove to be great – unfortunately the leaders we had then no longer exist. Until we find someone with the backbone to fight for this country and all those those that live here – regardless of their race or their nationality then we will continue to fail.

I don’t advocate handing out benefits to those who are not in need or indeed have not earned it – and by that statement I include every lazy ass UK citizen who has never worked a day in their life as well as those thinking the UK is handout central. Equally I abhor those who feel that racist comments and actions are acceptable.

Today we remember those who died for this country, who fought for this country and who were passionate in their belief. It’s time that those in charge also took a moment to truly reflect not pay lip service and remember why those brave men and women died and what they stood for.