AAEAAQAAAAAAAAftAAAAJDliYzQ3ZWQwLWQ2NWQtNGViZC1iZTJmLTMwZTVkMDYzZGY0NASo this week we’re all saying Happy Birthday to Twitter, now 10.

A pretty big milestone in the life of a social media platform, but what exactly does it do for you?

I get asked time and again, how can Twitter effectively be used as a business tool, isn’t it just about the Kardashian derrière or sharing pictures of your breakfast/lunch/coffee..?

Well there are people utilising it solely for that purpose, but seriously, if you’re in business then you need Twitter.

LinkedIn is without a doubt THE business platform, but Twitter is a close second. In fact Twitter is a better search engine for business than Google, IMHO.

If I search on Google for a builder I’ll be presented with a lot of builders and websites to choose from (many of which will be awful.. but that’s an entirely different article), however, should I type into Twitter “I’m looking for a building in X area” I will get back not only suggestions of who I can use but really useful recommendations or warnings of who not to use – massively more helpful!  AND should there be some social media savvy builders out there who have set up a search stream for Builder in X then hopefully they’ll see my tweet and respond promptly offering their services.. Win Win.

On top of that there are hundreds of Twitter Hours using either location or sector driven hashtags #lincolnhour, #smallbizhour etc. These are brilliant for engaging potential clients and having real time conversations.  All geared up to increasing your online personality and generating you new leads..

Twitter has come a long way in 10 years, it’s often misconstrued as frivolous and frippery but I hope the above means you’ll give it a chance – if you haven’t already..