For the last few months you haven’t been able to turn around without bumping into a GDPR email or notification.

If you’re anything like me, once you’d gotten over the annoyance of an inbox full of “please stay” emails you will have secretly smiled at the thought of a lot of saved “unsubscribe” time in the future.

But is that it?

As with all things new, there are a lot of mis-understandings, scare mongering and downright false information floating about. And let’s face it, those running the show are still unsure of the exact rules so how can we know for definite what we can and can’t do..?

What is certain is that contacting someone with whom you have no existing relationship is a definite no. There’s a grey area when it comes to social media contacts (if you’re connected on LinkedIn then it stands to reason that the person you’re contacting has some interest in what you do and therefore isn’t a cold contact) also there is an expectation that as a networking site there will be communication.

Contacting people off their website without any prior contact or initiation is definitely not going to wash though… Also if you purchased your database list then you’re in for a shock when it suddenly reduces considerably as people unsubscribe. If you haven’t already then I suggested you do ask everyone on your mailing list if they’re happy to be there.

I’ve received quite a few calls about social media and how you’re impacted, from “can you still follow someone” to “what about exporting my contacts”? Which if you’ve done prior to May 25th you still need to ensure that you’ve given them the option to unsubscribe and don’t take for granted that they want to hear from you.

If you’re unsure about what you can and can’t do or really just want to hand off your marketing and let someone else run it for you, then by all means please drop me a line with GDPR/Marketing in the subject line – and yes it’s ok as I said you could!