Social Media  & Marketing

If you think that you can successfully market your company without online marketing – the answer to that is no..

Promoting your business has moved on and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many, many more are now accepted as marketing essentials. It’s now not only Google that get you found, Twitter not only allows you to freely promote your business but is also the fastest growing search engine. Twitter not only comes with a link to your business but usually a referral – good or bad!

With the fast growth of Social Media everything has changed. It’s now more than creating an advert for the local paper. Don’t panic though! We can take the fear out of Facebook, the twaddle out of Twitter and get you connected on LinkedIn!

A word of warning… many business people hand their online marketing over to junior members of staff in the misguided perception that, being young they must naturally understand social media… This is often not the case and as with a lot of business practice, experience counts when trying to build your online reputation.


Latest Google algorithms show that good, relevant & updated content  is the way forward, it’s no longer a time for hundreds of backlinks and hidden keywords. We can help boost your website with content that is both Google and user friendly.

Public Relations & Media

When it comes to PR and Media Relations, there is no substitute for knowing who to speak to and when or even how. Releasing your business communications to the wrong place can be a very costly mistake.

Having someone with the right knowledge and contacts will make your business promotion and events a total success.