You may have heard that Google has now decided to remove the right hand ad column. What will this mean for your PPC campaign?

For months I have been advising my clients that they needed their ads to appear top left, particularly for mobile users.  Therefore it comes as no shock to me that Google has made this decision.

Google has initiated many changes including serving up information, specific ads and videos to the right of search results.

Here you can see that the top 4 results are now paid ads and on the right is a definition of printing and images suggestions.

The idea behind this as with all Google changes it to provide a better service for the user.

There is no evidence as yet to show that cost per click (CPC) rates will change or that you’ll suddenly need a bigger budget.  What it does mean however is for those of you currently relying on SEO and organic traffic only, you will find you are falling lower and lower in search result display.  Where paid ad #4 is now, used to be organic #1.

The advantages here are that you can further utilise the additional extensions which did not feature on the right had ads, such as calls to action, links to additional pages, phone numbers etc.

Personally I think this is a good move and will help advertisers in the long run. It will require additional work to existing campaigns and tweaking of ads, but this really should be done as a matter of course and not as a knee jerk reaction!

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