So roughly 8 weeks ago on the spur of the moment, I booked a stand for the London Book Fair. 3 Days in Olympia, what could be better?

Of course having never exhibited before, there were a lot of things I didn’t know about, hadn’t considered and quite honestly scared the heck out of me!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAjMAAAAJGE4MmIxNmNhLWYxYzUtNGVkZC1hYWMxLWM0YWE2YTBiZDljNgWhen you work as part of a team or a larger organisation, you take for granted the pool of knowledge and experience that surrounds you. But what about when you’re a sole trader?

There is now only a week until showtime – this time next week I shall be all shiny with my conference smile in place, but yesterday I started to panic – just a little..

And that’s where my virtual team came in.. You know those connections you make that help you with a project or supply an occasional service? The people that you meet at networking that you don’t know too well?

All I can say is thank goodness for them. I spoke to a designer who gave me a great idea for a giveaway, a printer who came up with a solution to my lack of space advertising, advice online about hiring products and  2 brilliant ladies prepared to give up their time to help at the show in return for a bartered service.. Suddenly I had that same comfort blanket of experience, knowledge and support.

So my point here is, don’t be afraid to ask, as a business owner we often feel that we have to do everything ourselves and can’t be seen to need help – that’s not the case, and seriously not good for your business!  There are people out there, just on hand and you’ll be amazed at the generosity of their spirit.

Oh and if you’re in London next week, please come along and say hi!