On Friday morning I was “treated” to a sales call.  Now I was expecting the call having enquired about their services.  It was a well know business growth company that had been recommended.  I should state that I wasn’t overly impressed with their product or the cost, so I already had reservations, however I was willing to hear the chap out.

I came off the phone 1 hour and 40 minutes later, having written a blog and done various office tasks, with no desire to ever hear from them again!

I’m not a sales person.  I don’t like sales. BUT, I do know that talking at a prospective client is not the way to gain business.

I timed him, at one point and he talked without pause or without interacting with me for over 20 minutes! Surely the aim of the call is to get me to buy in – not bore me?

Once the call had ended and I had explained that I was not interested, I thought about how the market has changed and yet how perceptions haven’t.  The US style, hard sell is becoming more and more common, particularly with marketing events and coaching but from what I can tell, (and having spoken to other business owners who are of my age group) it doesn’t work.

Interestingly still, my son who is 18, hovered in the office and listened for a while (the call was on hands free) and he made several notes to me along the lines of “when is he going to stop and breath” and “is he reading a script?”

So perhaps the younger generation are still just as cynical and not inclined to listen to waffle?

What amazed me the most was that at no point did he ask me my opinion, whether I thought it would benefit me or if I thought it would work for my business.  He appeared to take these things for granted. Having been given the go ahead to call, he seemed to think that my sign up was a given..

I am increasingly surprised that businesses like this are successful in such a competitive market or that people do get sucked in.. Am I simply too skeptical?