Over the years Instagram has proven itself to be one of the most useful tools for showcasing your brand and marketing your products. As a result of the platforms accelerated growth, over the years Instagram had evolved and changed, and as such, we as ‘content creators’ must do the same. It may sound like a tired cliché, but as Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – and this of course can be applied to using an app such as Instagram, because it is constantly changing, and more importantly, so is the algorithm that fuels the platform.

For anyone who is just starting out using Instagram, or for those who just need a refresh – we have put together a list of useful tips to help you succeed when using Instagram in 2022.

Quality over Quantity

Whilst it pays to be active on Instagram and post fairly regularly, it is much more important to make sure that the content you do post is of high quality. For example, it’s much more beneficial to post one or two high quality posts each week, than 5 posts that have been churned out quickly with no sense of depth or detail. The take home point here is to spend more time creating less content – one post that is rich in quality is more likely to garner a higher engagement than multiple posts that are low in quality – there are millions of users on Instagram and by focusing on quality we can make sure we are actively trying to stand out from the crowd. Whilst quality is key, it is important to be consistent on Instagram, and to assist us in this endeavour there are many scheduling tools out there to help us stay organised without the need to be ever-present on the platform. Tools like Hootsuite provide a great way to schedule and organise posts, giving us more time to focus on quality.

Like many other platforms, hashtags have been synonymous with Instagram since its inception, and are still one of the most useful techniques we can use to try and boost engagement and increase exposure on Instagram. This said, even in 2022 it’s still really important to use hashtags when posting on the platform, but it’s just important to make sure you don’t overdo it too, as lots of hashtags can make captions feel bloated and spammy. Another thing to bear in mind is relevance; just try and make sure you use high quality hashtags that are central to what you are posting, and don’t stray too far from the subject matter. Also, if you’re stuck for ideas when adding hashtags, there are many free tools out there to help you sift through hashtags that are relevant to your product.

Don’t get too hung up on the ‘algorithm’

Whilst it’s important to be aware of social media algorithms, it’s equally as important not to get too bogged down in it.

Social media algorithms are ever changing, and Instagram is no different. Instead of trying to crack the code so to speak, it’s more important – at least when you’re starting out – to try and focus on your own content and ensure that it’s high quality and really engaging for your target audience. If you make your own content your priority and focus on engaging with your audience and building relationships organically, I guarantee that this is the best way to be successful – and you’ll find that over time the algorithm will pick up on this anyway.

Be aware of Instagram Trends

Being aware of what is trending can be one of the key deciding factors when trying to be successful on Instagram. As mentioned above, Instagram is constantly changing, and it’s important to keep up with what is popular/trending to make sure you have an advantage over your competitors, as well as making sure you stay current.

One of the most simple and effective methods to stay on top of what’s trending on Instagram is to type in ‘keywords’ that are relevant to your business/product in the search bar and tap on one of the hashtags that are related to you. What hashtags are people using? Are the posts of your competitors similar to yours? What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Is there a pattern to what people in your industry are posting recently?

If you can answer some of the above questions, you’ll be well on your way to staying on top of what’s trending.

Network, Network and er… Network.

Someone once said ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, and to some degree, this statement couldn’t be more true when striving for success on Instagram.

Try and stay on top of what your competitors are posting. Like, follow and engage with things you like, share thoughts and opinions, and make use of the messenger feature by talking to other users. By doing this you are ensuring that you stay relevant in the eyes of your target audience, and gives you a much higher chance of boosting your own engagement and ultimately succeeding on the platform – who knows what opportunities you can create for yourself by simply interacting with other users.