Social Media Consultancy & Strategy – Choose from our three options designed to strengthen your in-house marketing, bring new ideas or plan a product a launch.

Here at FCM Media, we don’t believe in long-term contracts. The problem with these types of contracts is that once you’ve committed to it, you’re locked in, and with the ever-changing economic landscape that’s the last thing anybody wants. So instead, we prefer to offer flexibility in the form of a quarterly contract – this way every 3 months you can take a step back and review the progress; Maybe you’ve got what you need out of the service, you decide you don’t want to outsource your marketing anymore, or maybe you decide you suddenly need a change of direction and just simply want to take a different path to market.

By offering a flexible service, we can ensure that our clients get the best service, in a tailored quarterly plan that suits their needs. That’s why we encourage all of our clients to review both our services and results every three months and decide whether it’s still right for you.

So why choose FCM Media? After all, on the surface there’s absolutely nothing preventing you from setting up your own in-house marketing team, although saying this, there can often be many restraints. Money can often be one of the biggest factors when setting up a marketing team, and this alone can often cost in excess of 6 figures to assemble a successful team. Rather than shelling out loads of money and assembling a team of marketers, FCM Media can offer the same service at huge discounts, in exchange for the commitment to a simple quarterly contract.

Another big factor can be time, and by outsourcing your marketing effort, it gives our clients more time to focus on other aspects of their business. By opting to outsource your marketing, you can save loads of time and effort, whilst also having the assurance that you’re receiving an optimal service that best suits your needs.

Another huge benefit of choosing FCM Media is that the longer we work alongside your business, the more we get to understand your products and services, which will ultimately correspond to better promotions, more targeted audiences, and higher quality results.

Whether you’re a small start-up looking to kick start your business from the ground up, or a large successful business simply looking to cut costs by outsourcing your marketing effort – FCM Media has can provide a plan that best suits you.

So how does it work? To begin with we would kindly ask you to provide your contact details, and one of our marketing experts will get back to you for a free consultation.

During this consultation we will ask you certain details such as the size of the business, the industry you’re in, and ultimately what you’re looking to get out of the process (your aims and goals); Then using this information, our team will establish the best and most cost-effective package to promote your business. If following the free consultation, you are happy with what’s been discussed, and you wish to move forward with the chosen marketing package, we can immediately embark on our marketing journey together and begin to implement the process.

Then you can sit back, relax, and feel safe in the knowledge that you now have an expert marketing team at your disposal that can handle anything from the logistical aspects such as SEO, advertising and analytics, to the more creative components such as graphic design, photography and video editing.

package 1

package 1

  • Logo and Brand Identity
  • Audit Review of SEO
  • Implementation of new marketing strategy
  • Campaign analysis
  • Google Analytics review
  • Creative consultancy and advice
  • Review of Social Media and implementation of new strategy
  • Quarterly review
package 2

package 2

Everything provided in first package plus:-

  • 2 written Blogs per month
  • 2 written articles per month
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Google Analytics management
  • Email template
  • Weekly 1 to 1 15 min session for support with campaigns or projects
package 3

package 3

Everything included in 2 plus:-

  • 3 articles per month
  • 4 blogs per month
  • Full social media management
  • PPC + Google ads
  • Email Marketing – Compiling mailing lists, curating content and producing campaigns
  • Press Release
  • Producing a Promo video campaign
  • Competitor analysis
  • Monthly analytics report
  • Complete management of all marketing strategies
Website Design

Website Design

We know the power of a professional website. It’s not just your online storefront but it tells your customers a lot about how you operate. We provide the latest in design and hosting, with packages to suit start-ups to global corporations.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Long gone are the days of black hat tricks and underhand tactics. Today, if you want your website to rank high organically, you need to ensure that you are fully optimised. We will provide a full site audit to give you the options on how to improve ranking and user experience.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Sometimes things go wrong and they’re out of your control. We offer Crisis Communications to support you in managing crises, creating and executing communications strategies and resolving issues to keep your business safe.