As we head towards a period of lockdown (it may only be a few days away) or at the very least, self-isolation, it may be tempting to see it as “spare” time or even an enforced holiday.

However, that’s not really the case, is it?

If like me, you’re a micro-business (0-9) employees, this time can really be used to re-evaluate your business. What’s been going right/wrong over the last six months and what is in your power to change?

Whatever happens, the next 6-12 months are going to have a massive impact, financially and emotionally and so, before things get too messy, utilise this time to plan ahead.

Business Planning

Right now, it may feel like panic time, this is not a good place to be when making important future decisions. You need to come at it from a place of calm and rational thinking – you’re not dashing out to buy up toilet rolls and pasta… are you…?

So what kind of things should you be considering?

Finances, this is a tricky one, if you’re not employed what can you do to ensure your bills are paid? Whilst the government is creating support measures, right now, the information is pretty sparse so it’s down to you to put things in place first.

It may be tempting to think about taking out a loan whilst interest rates are low, but you need to think long term. Will you be able to make the repayments, do you have a good enough credit rating that the bank will lend to you and is this really the best option?

There may be other ways to bring in extra finance, do you have family that can support you, can you come up with a side hustle or do you have things you can cut back on, subscriptions that you can’t use (gym) or expensive business memberships?

Marketing Baby

Now should be the time when you market hard, don’t withdraw, make sure that your business is still seen and in a positive light. If you’re not sure how to do it, there are plenty of online courses or ask for help – on LinkedIn, there are a lot of business groups full of people offering help and advice (I’m one of them) so take advantage and you never know, you could find that far from hating social media, you grow to love it!

Filling your days

Whatever you do, find ways to keep your mind active, don’t be tempted to constantly watch the news or simply log out and watch Netflix, keeping yourself balanced with positive news as well as negative will help to give you a better perspective.

There are many people advocating dressing up and turning into your some office looking like your headed to an important meeting; if this works for you and helps put you in the right mindset, then great, do that, if like me, however, you can work just as well in your comfies, then don’t add extra hassle to your day playing dress-up!

These are unchartered waters and we don’t know where we’ll end up. What I do know though, is that no matter what, we will get through it and if we support each other, then we could end up with a better/stronger business and outlook.

If you need marketing help or advice please contact me.