It’s an interesting question and one which I was asked recently.

How do you answer? In the UK we’re very much taught not to be a bragger or to “blow our own trumpets”, so it’s ingrained in us from an early age not to think of ourselves in that way.

But of course, each and every one of us is special.. It may be a skill that we have, a success record we can prove or just simply a wonderful nature that shines.

When it comes to business however, being special, excelling, standing out, this is an amazing thing and one that should be promoted.

Writing posts that celebrate your achievements and note your success, tell potential clients of your worth and encourage new customers to engage with you.

Don’t hide your sparkle moments, let everyone share with you that thing that has given rise to a bubble of happiness, achievement or just a chance to step back and say “I did it”.  You’ll see that your connections are only too happy to say “that’s great” or “well done” and more doors will open for you.

As for my answer – well, I give business owners a chance to showcase their brilliance which in turn, I guess, makes me special..

If you’d like me to help you tell the world you’re great, then please message me!