Why Use A Digital Consultant?

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Why Use A Digital Consultant?

Our approach, as a Digital Consultant is to work with you to ensure that all of your existing strategies are given a robust review and that your marketing plan as a whole, is fully integrated.  We are here to help you to focus on growing your business.

Business owner Taryn Johnston is a leader in digital marketing, currently writing and delivering material at Lincoln University. This means that all of our company research is current and up to date, ensuring that you benefit from knowing the latest trends. We create content based on behavioural psychology, this helps us to deliver objectives whilst meeting your customer’s needs.

Working with a Digital Marketing Consultant is a cost-efficient way for a company to develop their marketing strategies and to ensure that their marketing and advertising is actually working for them. We provide the services of a marketing department without the cost of employing a marketing team. We can also help train in-house staff to run your campaigns successfully. With years of industry experience and knowledge; we can assist you in developing and running your business marketing. 

Whether you just need an annual marketing audit or the creation of full campaign content, we’ve got a consultancy service for you.

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