New Year, New Start… How many times have you read that this week?

We all have those thoughts, that we could be working better, smarter and especially for the sole traders, we know we’re likely doing too much.

How often do you get to the end of the day and have the same job left on your “to do” list? The one that you would rather find anything else to do, just to prevent you from doing it?

We put ourselves under a great deal of pressure, whether it’s doing the accounts, creating a marketing campaign or making those sales calls, there will always be something in business that you just either can’t or really don’t like doing.

So maybe this January it’s not about sweeping changes, it’s about looking at your business with the enthusiastic eyes that you started with and combining them with the experienced eyes you have now.

You don’t need a new you or a new start, you may just need a subtle tweak and a realisation that it’s time to work smarter.