AAEAAQAAAAAAAAd5AAAAJDJiNjA4ZTczLTdmMzgtNDAxZS04NzJjLTI1ODJjZWFjMGE2MgSo yesterday morning I happened upon Radio 2 and caught the end of Jeremy Vine disparaging LinkedIn.  Firstly I was surprised that they were talking about social media and secondly that the overall opinion seemed to be that LinkedIn no longer had value..

Which then got me thinking about how often I’m seeing the daily dross appear in my stream and how often I think to myself “oh for goodness sake you’re not on Facebook here, you’re posting this nonsense in the wrong place.”

How has this happened? 

I have run many training courses on the use of social media in business and one of the statements I have stood by time and again is that LinkedIn is on the far end of the “social” scale.  It’s not a place for family images, quizzes, or the “look at me giving my time/breakfast/lunch money to the homeless” selfie. It’s a place to talk about business.  It’s your online professional networking event..

You wouldn’t show up to a breakfast network meeting and whip out your holiday snaps, nor would you make an inappropriate pass at someone you found attractive and you certainly wouldn’t spam everyone when you got home, including those in the same industry as you.. So why do it online?

Is it purely a lack of understanding as to what LinkedIn is for, or are more and more people blurring the lines between business and social? Of course it’s argued that Facebook is also a business tool, but again there is a separation in the form of accounts and business pages (don’t get me started on the horror of being “friends” with your business connections) and maybe this is where the misunderstanding stems from.. if it’s ok to post your political views on your Facebook company page then why not on LinkedIn?

In my opinion there is nothing wrong in sharing a success story – providing it’s yours and is actually real not some made up nonsense you’ve regurgitated, and there is nothing wrong in asking for help or in telling people what you do.  That’s how you make business connections and how you generate business for your company.

So the next time you come to post something or send an in-mail ask yourself:-

  • Is this business related?
  • Does this belong on Facebook?
  • Will this enhance my business profile?
  • Did I bother to read the profile of the person I’m sending to so that I’m not wasting both our time?

Come on folks it’s not difficult – in a nutshell

Facebook = Cats & ill conceived ramblings

LinkedIn = Business 

If you need any further clarification don’t hesitate to drop me a line!